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Displaying the Child’s Award Pins

images Displaying the Child’s Award PinsOnce the child starts studying, it may be possible that he or she accumulates award pins from school. After all, it is part of the learning process to provide awards or recognition to those who are deserving of it, and giving out award pins is a means by which is this accomplished by the school and the educators, aside from giving out certificates and medals. These pins are those small pins usually located near the lapel or on the shirt pocket, customized with the school’s desired design, usually given as a form of recognition or award to those that are deserving of recognition.

These pins may also given to students when they join an organization. For example, if the child joins the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts, there is what you call a “pinning ceremony,” in which the child is also given award pins corresponding to the skill that he or she has learned. This has become a well established occurrence, such that it has various portrayals on television and in the movies. If you will remember, in the 2009 film Up, this was what Mr. Fredricksen attended with Russell at the end of the film. Moreover, the parent usually accompanies the child during these events, as it is the parent that pins these newly acquired award pins on the child.

While these may seem inconsequential to most adults, these pins usually have a lot of value for the child, because these are symbols of his or her hard work in school or in the organization. The child may have received it from a contest, for good behavior, or for being the best in a specific subject, or perhaps because she has sold the most girl scout cookies in her neighborhood. However, regardless of where these came from, these pins still mean a lot to the child.

This means that these pins cannot just be left lying around in the child’s room. After these are given to the child, it should be kept in a place where the child could see it, but is also safe from their reach. Leaving these pins lying around could potentially pose a threat because the child may choke if it is ingested or put inside the mouth. Moreover, because these pins have a side that is protruding and sharp, there is also a possibility that the child may injure himself or herself if the pin is not handled properly. This being said, parents should really exercise due diligence in terms of ensuring that the child’s room, if not the whole house, is a safe place, with no potential threats to the child’s well being.

A good suggestion would be for the parent to display these pins on a corkboard. Not only would this ensure the safety of the children because the pins would not be lying around in the house, but this would also bring a sense of pride to the child who earned all these pins. It will make the child feel that his or her parents care for his achievements and value his work as a student. This can also become a decorative item for the house that they can show off to their relatives and guests. In fact, it will be a good conversation starter if you have guests because these are definitely unique and interesting. Each pin is bound to have its own story. Furthermore, if certificates and medals can be displayed around the house, then why can’t these pins be treated similarly?

Having children who receive recognition is definitely something to be proud of. Because of this, it is but right to show your child how proud you are of him or her by displaying these award pins.